Recipe: Lobster Thermidor

Planning what to make for Christmas Day? Why not swap the turkey and have a merry FISHmas instead? Scottish lobster is a showstopper and it's meaty, light taste and texture goes perfectly with goose fat roasties, wok fried sprouts and all the trimmings. 

When choosing lobster, most landings come from the South East, Hebrides, Orkney and South Minch in Scotland. Always buy Scottish, not only for provenance but the quality is far superior. So go on, try something different this Christmas. Here's our recipe for Scottish Lobster Thermidor

Scottish Lobster Thermidor - Serves 6




  • 6 Scottish Lobsters weighing 500g each



  • 1 Litre double cream



  • 1 onion



  • 250g cheddar cheese grated



  • 1 measure brandy



  • 1 tbsp English mustard






  • Place the lobsters in a pan of boiling water and turn off immediately. Leave to sit for 5-10minutes then cool down under cold water



  • Dice onion and sweat off in a small saucepan, flame with brandy, then add mustard and ¾ litre of double cream. Bring to the boil.



  • Once boiled remove from heat and whisk in Parmesan and cheddar



  • Once the lobster are cooled and drained, cut in half, lenth wise. Wash away any intestines



  • Break off claws and crack open. Remove all meat from claws.



  • Take the tail out of the shell and dice with the claw meat. Place the diced lobster into the mepty shells.



  • Whisk the remainder of cream and add to warm the sauce



  • Heat the lobster under the grill until hot, or place in hot oven to heat through.



  • Place lobster on oval plates. Pour over the thermidor sauce and glaze under the grill.