STV Anniversary Splash

"Glasgow seafood lovers quite literally step up to the plate this week to support a very important cause." That's what STV had to say about our upcoming fundraising dinner.

Derek Marshall FM


Here's another excerpt:

Owner and head chef Derek Marshall, is a regular philanthropist for various causes, but this particular charity is understandably close to his heart, as well as his produce.

"Many fishermen lose their lives and with the bad weather coming in, winter is really dangerous for these people - they need some support.

"Although we've done a lot of charity work for the likes of Glasgow City Mission andCancer Support, Fishermen's Mission goes hand in hand with Gamba.

"These are the people behind our food and this is the longest we've supported one particular charity."

Thanks to Mary McCool for the wonderful words. If you'd like to read the fullarticle on STV Glasgow, click here

Our fundraising dinner is taking place tomorrow from 7pm. Thanks for all the continued support.