Oh my cod! It's back on the menu...

Some of you may have noticed the recent return of an old favourite to the menu at Gamba. For the first time in almost 20 years, North Sea Cod has been labelled sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. 

Between the 1970’s and 2006, cod stocks in the North Sea plummeted by 84%. However, a fourfold stock rise since 2006 means Scottish seafood lovers can now enjoy North Sea cod with a clear conscience.

At the moment, around 90% of cod consumed in the UK is imported, mostly from the Barents Sea and Iceland, which hold the sustainability certification from the MSC. But now cod caught and landed in the North Sea will also be labelled as sustainable, and we’re obviously delighted to support local fishermen. With that in mind we have added this beautiful Shetland cod dish to our lunch and pre-theatre menus.

Roast Shetland cod, crushed new potatoes, creamed mussels, peas and thyme.


Until the end of August, you'll also enjoy a glass of wine on the house if you dine on our lunch or pre-theatre menus. The perfect excuse to visit Gamba and indulge in some beautiful Shetland cod while sipping on a chilled glass of white wine.

For reservations, please call Gamba on 0141 572 0899.

Derek Marshall